Thursday, 13 August 2020

How to Prep before Your Hardwood Floors Are Refinished


Planning to get your hardwood flooring refinished? Engineered hardwood flooring is among the greatest things you can do to make your house look and feel much more beautiful and complete. Additionally, it will raise the value of your house and continue for many years, if you treat it. At Floor Sanding Acton, we've got years of expertise in refinishing and installing hardwood flooring. Want a quotation?

1. Save the floor for last.

Planning other renovation projects? Whether you plan to paint, replace any drywall or baseboards, update the bathroom, etc., conserve the flooring for last. It'll save wear and tear on your new floor.

2. Dry weather is greatest.

Attempt to avoid refinishing floors during wet weather or during high humidity. (Although, let's face it, this is sometimes hard to plan for in Indiana!) Wood is a porous material, and when the old end is stripped off, the timber surface will absorb moisture. If the weather is wet or particularly humid, the end could take longer to dry or might not be as even.

3. Protect from dust.

We are going to take steps to control dust, however some could seep from this room we're working in. Our innovative dust containment system, which utilizes the most cutting-edge equipment, captures 95 -- 98 percent of all airborne dust. Nevertheless, you may choose to pay other nearby furniture. For wall hangings or pictures within the room, remove or cover them.

4. Make arrangements for pets.

Unless you are able to keep your pets outdoors, contained in another area, or crated during the day we are going to be working, we suggest all pets be stored away from the house. Our finishes are indoor air quality certified, so fumes aren't a health issue; nonetheless, your pet's claws, hair, and footprints can be very damaging (and pricey ) to your new flooring.

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Monday, 27 July 2020


How to Select the Best Hardwood Floor

Whether you are researching hardwood flooring installation to your Bromley Area cabin, or you are hoping to install quality engineered wood flooring for a bed and breakfast you're building by the water, then you must face a fun but trick challenge: There are too many flooring options!

This guide can help you make sense of your options.

The National Wood Flooring Association reports that homebuilders from the U.S. buy 9 million and square feet of hardwood floors , yearly, normally. Hardwood is obviously"pretty" and flexible. You are able to pick from varied sizes and styles, but the two fundamental categories are engineered timber and solid wood.

Your ideal flooring Option will depend on:

Your budget;
the nature of the space;
exactly what subfloor type you utilize;
whether you perform a DIY setup or seek the services of an expert;
the varieties of wood you select;
the quantity of wear and tear you expect the room for;
other decorative and aesthetic requirements of the project.

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring are constructed from individual pieces of timber. Frequent types include parquet, narrow strips, and planks. You can go for an unfinished wood and complete it yourself to save money (and bond with your family over the home remodeling project!) Or purchase prefinished wood, which does not take a topcoat finish or sanding.

Engineered flooring are made of multiple layers of wood glued together. This lively construction sidesteps common annoyances, such as cupping, warping, splitting, etc.. A solid wood veneer"tops off" the timber layer"sandwich"

Finding a Solution That Will Work for Your Finances, Construction Wants and Aesthetics

Rather than obsessing over the various specs or accidentally over-complicating your project, connect having a Bromley Area hardwood flooring specialist at Bromley Floors for a free consultation and quote for your project. Give us a call at 020 3369 1215 Or fill out our online contact form for us to contact you with more information.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

How To Polish Wood Flooring?

Among the greatest things about hardwood floors is that you're able to keep it looking good for a life, with comparatively little work. Engineered hardwood floors is the best means to protect the timber and include an appealing glow. There are two chief varieties of polish to select from and they're one-step or two-step. One-step polishes are simpler to work with and will create a quicker outcome, but there is no getting away from the truth that two-step polishes will create a harder, longer lasting outcome.

Here is our"how to" manual:

Make Distance. Like every major cleaning exercise, if you plan to polish your hardwood flooring, it's best if you're able to clear the room of all furnishings and rugs. This will provide you with space to work and will help avoid the need to drag heavy furnishing round the space, potentially causing harm to areas you have just polished. If it is not feasible to clear the whole room, eg. If your furniture is too thick to eliminate, or you do not have room to move it to, at least try to work the space in two parts.

To begin with a small, hand-sized pool of gloss which you can use to coat your applicator.

Once your applicator is coated, you should begin to operate in a corner of the room, constantly pouring a tiny, hand-sized pool of polish right onto the floor and working in arms-length segments in the path of the grain.

Each time you proceed to another section, make certain to allow a slight overlap, otherwise you risk having gaps in your polish.

As soon as you've covered the whole floor, leave it to dry, every manufacturer will tell you precisely how long this will take, but normally it should take anywhere between half an hour and an hour.

Employing this process, there's no requirement for buffing.

If you choose a two-step polishing Procedure...again you will need to carefully read the manufacturers instructions but essentially here's what you Need to expect to do:

Use the polish paste with a soft cloth, functioning in sections of this space, again beginning in a corner so you don't have to walk over areas that you have finished. Best TIP: Sections of just over a metre are both workable and accessible.

Once you've let your waxed section of flooring dry (according to the manufacturers instructions), it is going to begin to appear white and it is now time to start buffing.

Ideally you need to use an electric floor buffer using a polishing mind to buff your floor. This is not only going to be much simpler than buffing by hand, but will provide a more uniform result.

Continue this process until you've completed the whole floor.

Appreciate the Outcome!

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

4 Aspects of Hardwood Floor Care

Taking care of these hardwood flooring in your home doesn't need to be complex . It may turn out to be much easier than you assume. Even so, there are some factors that you need to know about when it is time to maintain your brand new hardwood floor.

Wood Color

The colour of this timber will make it even more beautiful. So take care not to destroy it while trimming the wood or obtaining it repainted. In addition they tend to show dirt and other spots also, unless they're coated with a new coating of end. This usually means that these wood flooring should be stored for chambers with low levels of traffic. Moving furniture around on these are a bad idea also.

Indoor Humidity

Humidity is typically regarded as a larger issue during the summer and spring than it's in the autumn and winter. But because of how tender the colder seasons may get, most homeowners may opt to conduct humidifiers.

The Hardness

In the beginning, hardness would not seem like something which matters. But that does not make it any less significant; thicker wood is significantly stronger. Balsa wood is the most popular one in the scale, although the toughest one is known as Australian Buloke.

Wood End

Damaging the complete in your hardwood flooring can impact how great it seems. You will also need to think of the foundation of the end -- can it be oil-based or oil? These questions are critical ones to reply if you would like your flooring to last more than you believed possible.

Hardwood Flooring from

In Bromley Floor Sanding our dedication to quality setup is apparent in all we do, and that explains precisely why our clients consistently rate us as one of the best contractors in the area. If you are prepared to talk with someone concerning your hardwood floors job, we would like to hear from you! Contact us 020 3369 1215 or send us a message .

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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Make Your Hallways Beautiful with Engineered Oak Flooring

Among the greatest attributes of engineered flooring is the ability to be used anywhere in the home without ever sacrificing quality. Even in small or narrow spaces like pantries and halls, engineered oak flooring maintains its visual appeal. The process for installing the floors does not differ much from primary chambers either. When all of the rooms are attached with the exact same floor, the transitions from rooms to hallways are seamless. In case you choose to add floor throughout your home and especially in hallways, don't hesitate to call an expert for help.

Things to Watch Out For When Installing Engineered Oak Flooring

When you install floors at a long and narrow space for example a hallway, there are particular things to look out for. Typically, the management of this floor throughout a house depends upon the management of the hall. The grain of the timber should follow the amount of the hallway, rather than the width. This implies that as the floor expands through doorway openings or in the ends of the hallway, the direction of the floor inside the room is currently determined. Whenever you make the decision to install engineered oak flooring, it's important to be aware the hallway instructions if you begin your installation process in a larger area. Even should you not install floor in the hallway immediately, you should still follow the correct direction in the event you wish to in the future. Needing to tear up a floor just to change the direction of the pliers can be a huge mess and price you unnecessary money and time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the diameter of the hallway in connection with the width of the slats and if you will need to do any cuttingedge. You will probably have to trim 1 side to make the flooring match and if so, make certain that you trim the same side every time. If you trim the proper most slat in one set, keep trimming the right most slat as you proceed down the length of the hallway. This is going to make everything more uniform and consistent. It's also great to keep the trimming to a minimal and onto a single side, furthest from the centre of the hallway. This affects the visual appeal of the floor as you would like to make sure you have done quality work.

More than Only a Rectangle

The importance of hallway flooring is frequently overlooked when installing engineered wood flooring. The truth isthe hallway is one of the most, if not the most, crucial sections of house flooring installation. The rest of the house is dependent on the straightness and precision of the floor in the hallway. The hallway can break or make the overall impression of quality of the flooring so it is crucial to make sure it is done properly. As always, hiring a professional to handle the installation is likely to make sure that your home is looking the best it possibly can.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


How long any timber flooring will last is dependent on a number of factors. Taking into consideration the shift towards engineered flooring over the past several decades, the durability factor will decrease for those choosing them. Why? Engineered 3-ply and multiply flooring are designed primarily for equilibrium.

The construction is much different than that of traditional solid hardwoods. We don't have one solid piece of wood anymore, instead the top decorative layer is the good bit. Most of the engineered flooring manufactured today includes barely more than 6mm of actual decorative hardwood.


Another crucial part in how long flooring will last depends upon what happens before that true hardwood floor installation. Wood flooring requires the ideal requirements which include floor prep, acclimation, and proper installation methods. Having a peek at the ground prep issue; the underlying sub floor has to be flat.

Let us look at other goods. The more traditional solid broad (up to 22cm) tongue and groove floors which have been used for the last 100 years will continue much longer but less as older solid hardwood. The latter was a good piece with no groove and tongue.

Overall thicknesses were in excess of one 2-2.5cm. If you think about longevity, the profile of this substance used is most likely the single most important element.

Much older hardwood was not made by groove and tongue. Rather, solid planks were organised through the surface to floor joist systems as the sole method of setup. Generally these floors aren't refinished as the charm and patina is valued more. If they are sanded, the possibility is a lot greater than newer kinds.

For tongue and groove solid hardwood flooring, there's a limitation of how long they will last, with
much needing to do with what the owner desires. We see many distinct styles now. Some prefer only the look of a smooth, pristine appearing floor.

So as to keep this look the floor might have to be refinished very frequently. These floors have their limits since the quantity of hardwood which could be sanded lies in the 0.5cm wide, or over the groove and tongue.

Wood Flooring Care

Other factors influencing longevity is your hardwood flooring maintenance. It doesn't just begins with frequent upkeep but more specific, what types of cleaners are used. Many stand by old methods of cleaning floors with vinegar and water.

But what they might not know is that the acidic nature of the cleaning technique. Over time it'll break finishes down based on the amount used and may require floors to be refinished at shorter periods, thereby reducing the total life span of your hardwood floors.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Why Spring is the Perfect Time To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

It can be difficult to ascertain what time of year is best to have your hardwood floors refinished - and you do not wish to wait till its past-due. Just take the time this spring to have refinishing services scheduled to raise the value of your home. Even though dustless refinishing keeps the clutter and dust in your house, spring gives a perfect chance to air outside your house and get some fresh air circulating. The snow has melted, the ground is no longer moist, so the chances of tracking in mud and water are of no concern any longer.

Although fall offers the same seasonal benefit of small to no outside debris brought in on your sneakers, the expenses associated with events and holidays toward the close of the calendar year greatly outweigh spring time costs. Aesthetically, your timber will get a cleaner look and will be rid of scratches and scuffs that occur from boots and winter tools. Speak to your hardwood flooring experts at Bromley Floor Sanding at 020 8099 9410 For more information and details about our hardwood refinishing solutions in Bromley Area.