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How to Select the Best Hardwood Floor

Whether you are researching hardwood flooring installation to your Bromley Area cabin, or you are hoping to install quality engineered wood flooring for a bed and breakfast you're building by the water, then you must face a fun but trick challenge: There are too many flooring options!

This guide can help you make sense of your options.

The National Wood Flooring Association reports that homebuilders from the U.S. buy 9 million and square feet of hardwood floors , yearly, normally. Hardwood is obviously"pretty" and flexible. You are able to pick from varied sizes and styles, but the two fundamental categories are engineered timber and solid wood.

Your ideal flooring Option will depend on:

Your budget;
the nature of the space;
exactly what subfloor type you utilize;
whether you perform a DIY setup or seek the services of an expert;
the varieties of wood you select;
the quantity of wear and tear you expect the room for;
other decorative and aesthetic requirements of the project.

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring are constructed from individual pieces of timber. Frequent types include parquet, narrow strips, and planks. You can go for an unfinished wood and complete it yourself to save money (and bond with your family over the home remodeling project!) Or purchase prefinished wood, which does not take a topcoat finish or sanding.

Engineered flooring are made of multiple layers of wood glued together. This lively construction sidesteps common annoyances, such as cupping, warping, splitting, etc.. A solid wood veneer"tops off" the timber layer"sandwich"

Finding a Solution That Will Work for Your Finances, Construction Wants and Aesthetics

Rather than obsessing over the various specs or accidentally over-complicating your project, connect having a Bromley Area hardwood flooring specialist at Bromley Floors for a free consultation and quote for your project. Give us a call at 020 3369 1215 Or fill out our online contact form for us to contact you with more information.

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